Bam Shepherd is a part time author but a full time badass.


She wears a lot of hats in the indie community including writing, marketing, PA Services, Design, Manuscript Services. So many hats. She also wears a lot of hats at home. Not because she has a lot of jobs (though also because of that) but just because hats look amazing on her. She's a semi-pro lip sync battler. A little bit hippie. A lotta bit hood. When she's not creating worlds she spends her time being bossed around by a tiny army she created, gardening and canning (even though she thinks she's too young for these to be legitimate hobbies), and listening to 90's rap. If she's not creating magical worlds of her own, she's falling into someone else's.

“I didn’t choose the thug life. The thug life chose me.”

Tupac Shakur